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more hawk-ish than dove-ish

one small part of my life has come full circle. two years ago i participated in a study looking at frontal cortex development through the adolescent years and then comparing that to development of heavy drug/alcohol users. they questioned me, tested me and MRIed me.
i went back today to start the follow-up process. they re-questioned and re-tested (the MRI comes later). as a part of the process i had to define 42 words on a vocabulary list. the list was identical two years ago. i remember because the last word on the list was 'panacea' and was the only one i didn't know. after the testing two years ago i went home and immediately found the definition so that i would never be unable to define it again. today i came to number 42 on the list and proudly said "cure-all".
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I've never been more proud of you.

Also, I hardly remember who you are. What is happening in the land of Anna? We should hang out, since I finally have a job in which my weekends are free!!
one big thing that happened the other week in anna land was i realized i live ~9blocks away from our well-loved spectrum volunteer location.
i was biking by one morning and went "that looks kinda is!" sad thing is i've taken the same route to school for the past month or so.

yes, we need to hang out! i graduate soon so i'll have lots and lots of time :)

what's your new weekday only job?
there you are!
That's funny because I thought that drugs and alcohol were the panacea for the masses.
Way to go Anna, you're the smartest!

What are you up to Sunday?
i'm being MRIed and tested until about 4pm.
wanna get in some racket/bike time in the early evening?