annagirl (annagirl) wrote,

legion of doom [daphne gottlieb]

We only get the superheros
we can imagine, never
the ones we need.

We don't need more
superheros, just better ones,
say the idealists.

Third-world Marxists say,
If we build a superhero, she will be nothing
like Wonder Woman.

There is so much wrong
with Wonder Woman:
She is white when

most of the world isn't. She has a jet
which is a gas-guzzler, usurping resources
that might better serve the people.

You're wrong, say the feminists.
You're missing what is really wrong
with Wonder Woman, how her body

type is unsustainable
for most women and it is unhealthy
how she is put on display

in a see-thru jet, the Fredrick's of Hollywood
of air travel, a 360-degree glass ceiling
that moves as fast as she does

and another thing-no one makes
Aquaman run
in four-inch heels, and-

Fighting crime is still fighting, say the pacifists. No fighting.
You are short-sighted, say the militants.
You are missing the point, say the post-colonialists.

Oh yeah? say the Promise Keepers.
A woman's place is-
Who let YOU in? ask the lesbian separatists.

It comes to blows quickly, over a question
of who is the most wrong
and everyone has forgoten altogether

about Wonder Woman
who has slipped out
through the back

of the discussion,
as invisible
as her jet.

How to save the world this time?
She tosses her bullet-deflecting bracelets
and her golden lasso

into the trash
and leaves her superheadband
perched on top, shining dully.

She is too tired.
Let them damn well fight
their own damned crime.
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