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answering phones constantly reminds me how stupid people are. seems to be a theme lately.

one guy in particular stuck out to me today. he called my clinic asking for information about creating his own graduate major in human sexuality. i told him we sometimes have interns or job shadows but no courses and he should look on the u's website to find an academic adviser in the psychology grad school. he then proceeds to tell me that he didn't go to the U but just got his undergrad and didn't anticipate attending grad school but (this is my favorite) "now that fall is approaching it seems like a viable option that he would like to pursue". while wondering why this guy thinks he can be asking after information about a grad school in mid-july and be entering that program in september i look up a number he can try and tell him to have a good day.

and the FUCKING people answering their goddamned cell phones as i'm answering their question. many stabbing motions.

i wonder if i'm getting my period soon. i'm feeling very ornery, chocolate sounds great and i have NEEDS. real bad.

plus i wanna do something FUN this weekend. don't know what, just something. don't think that has to do with my period. prolly.
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